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January 16

WhatsApp postpones New Privacy Policy To May 15. No suspensions of Accounts.

After several retaliation and objection from users on WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, implementation has been postponed by social messaging app released in its statement. Earlier WhatsApp stated if Users don't accept new Privacy Policy till Feb 8th, the account will be no longer accessible to the user, but now users need not to worry about the WhatsApp account deletion if they don't accept the new privacy policy. New Privacy Policy Deadline Implementation on May 15...

Experience Pune Like Never Before.

Every city is known for the people, places, foods, and experiences that one can enjoy there.  If you are new to the city of Pune or even if you have lived here for a while there must be some places you are still yet to discover and explore. We bring to you some extraordinary, lesser known places from around the city, the Life in Pune that you must visit at least once to get a...
January 15

Online Money Lending Apps gets banned by Google Play-store.

"BAN BAN" All now-a-days we are hearing this word too much around. First Government have banned 56 Chinese apps from google Play-store for using customer's information in appropriate way, and now Google has banned moneylending apps from it's Play-store for violating rules. What exactly happened that led to the Ban? The money lending apps violated the rules of standard rules of google Play-store. These apps were seen infracting the rules set by Central Bank to...

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