List of Countries where Indians can Travel and are Banned


Indian travellers after lockdown.

As there is good news coming up around the world of decreasing covid-19 cases many countries are lifting their minimum travel restrictions of travellers from India. 

As India was the most affected with covid cases in the world many countries have put temporary ban for Indians to enter their country post the second wave of covid-19 starting April. Many countries around the world are still practising wariness towards the entry of Indian travellers.

 Here are the in-depth details of Travel and Travel requirements for visitors coming from India to different countries.

Director-General of Civil Aviation has extended the ban on international commercial flights till July 31st according to a circular published on June 30. As cargo and commercial flights will continue to operate for selected countries.

Here is the list of the 28 countries which allows Indian Travellers to check in.

  1. Afghanistan,
  2. Bahrain,
  3. Bangladesh,
  4. Bhutan,
  5. Canada,
  6. Ethiopia,
  7. France,
  8. Germany,
  9. Iraq,
  10. Japan,
  11. Kenya,
  12. Kuwait,
  13. Maldives,
  14. Nepal,
  15. Netherlands,
  16. Nigeria,
  17. Oman,
  18. Qatar,
  19. Russia,
  20. Rwanda,
  21. Seychelles,
  22. Sri Lanka,
  23. Tanzania,
  24. Ukraine,
  25. UAE,
  26. UK,
  27. Uzbekistan, and
  28. US

Countries that have Temporary Ban on Indian Travellers.

  1. UAE: Recently extended ban for South Asian countries up till August 1.
  2. USA: US government has put up strict restrictions on Indian Travellers except those who have approval under National Interest Exception category from the consulate. Indians who are more than 14 days stay in India are also not allowed.
  3. Canada: The country has suspended commercial flights from India up till August 21. Fully vaccinated travellers can travel after September 7
  4. UK: People travelling from India need to be self-isolated for 10 days. UK have added India to its red list. Resident of UK, Ireland or a British citizen can enter UK if they have been in India in last 10 days.

List of countries that have Barred Indian Travellers:

  1. Iran,
  2. Kuwait,
  3. Indonesia,
  4. Israel,
  5. Hong Kong,
  6. Singapore,
  7. Australia,
  8. New Zealand,
  9. Bahrain,
  10. Bangladesh,
  11. Italy,
  12. Oman, and
  13. Djibouti

Entry To Indians without Quarantine

Almost every country mandates Quarantine for every passenger arriving on their land for a set of defined periods while some countries have not set any Quarantine for Indian Travellers. Check the list below.

  1. Kyrgyzstan,
  2. Afghanistan,
  3. Armenia,
  4. Maldives,
  5. Egypt,
  6. Ethiopia,
  7. Ghana,
  8. Mali,
  9. Mozambique,
  10. Namibia,
  11. Senegal,
  12. South Africa,
  13. Zambia,
  14. Albania,
  15. Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  16. Russia,
  17. Iceland,
  18. Costa Rica,
  19. Serbia,
  20. Ecuador,
  21. Paraguay,
  22. Venezuela,
  23. Nicaragua,
  24. Guatemala,
  25. Guyana, and
  26. Honduras.

In addition, only quarantine is an exception, otherwise, a negative RT-PCR report is compulsory within a period of 72 hours before departure and arrival and other ententes whatever set by the respective country.

European Countries Ordinance for Indian Travellers.

European Countries are one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit once in a life time.

Green Pass, a digital covid certificate run by the European government which act as a screening measure for entry of travellers from different countries.

Passengers vaccinated by those vaccines listed in the green pass, ratified by the European Medicines Agency are allowed in the EU countries.

Covishield lists into the category of accepted vaccines in the EU green pass, which allows Indians to enter 16 European countries.

Those are 16 European Countries:

  1. France,
  2. Austria,
  3. Belgium,
  4. Bulgaria,
  5. Finland,
  6. Germany,
  7. Greece,
  8. Hungary,
  9. Iceland,
  10. Ireland,
  11. Latvia,
  12. Netherlands,
  13. Slovenia,
  14. Spain,
  15. Sweden, and
  16. Switzerland.

Getting a vaccine jab is always better than carrying an RT-PCR report if you are a frequent International Traveller.

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