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India Railway

India Railway StationsA Bliss!!

Our excitement in childhood while reaching the station and before departing the train is still fresh in our minds and still today while traveling by train the enthusiasm remains the same.

In the north Jammu Kashmir at the top and Kanyakumari in the bottom of south, India is one of the most beautiful places in world.

India is world’s seventh largest nation by area and second largest populated country in the world after China. India is also fourth largest rail network in the world.

Indian railway station are considered to be one of the jewels of India which are famous for its great architectural styles and located in quaint locations.

The amalgamation introduced by British architects has been deployed in several public structures in India such as Railway Station, Insurance buildings, educational institution, and museums.

Let’s check out the Most Beautiful Railway Station in India

1.Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai

The western railway office also known as Churchgate terminus is one of the primordial railway buildings with Indo-Saracenic style. The railway station campus was designed by Frederick Stevens.

The church gate station is also known as Victoria terminus. It was renamed to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai in 1996. There were two architects behind this elegant structure Axel Haig and Frederick Stevens. It is declared as the UNESCO world heritage site.

The CST terminus was built to replace the old Bori Bunder Railway station, in the Bori Bunder area of Bombay. It is a notable port and warehouse area known for its import exports. At the early times Bombay was a major port city and expansion was necessary to meet the growing demands.

A marble statue of queen Victoria was installed at the front façade of the building under the clock as the station was inaugurated during Queen Victoria regime. In 1950 the rule was passed by the Indian government to remove all the statues of Britishers from Government buildings, and public spaces.  

2.Old Delhi Railway Station, Delhi

pic credit: wikipedia

Delhi junction is also known as Old Delhi railway station. It is one of the busiest stations in India in terms of daily commuters. Started with 2 platforms and 1000 passengers, Delhi railway station now have more than 180,000 daily commuters and around 200 trains start, end, and passes within station on daily basis.

The station building architecture was designed and constructed in red stone by British Indian Government in style of nearby Red Fort. The Old Delhi Railway station is located nearby Chandni Chowk station of the Delhi metro.

The Delhi railway station building has six clock towers and tower four is used as water tank. The railway station has 2.2 MW of solar rooftop installed in 2016.

3.The Howrah Railway Station, West Bengal

pic credit: wikipedia

Howrah railway station is the oldest and largest railway station in India. The station was earlier owned by East India Railway and later was merged with Great Western Bengal Railway.

The designs and plans of Howrah station was introduced by George Turnbull, the chief engineer of East Indian Railway. However the government did not paid much attention to the proposal as they didn’t have idea of future growth rate of station.

In 1905, the old introductory structure was replaced by new building with six platforms. The beautiful structure was designed by Halsey Ralph Ricardo an architect by profession.

The Howrah station now has guest house within its premises which can accommodate around 100 commuters at night under the name “Yatri Niwas”.

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4.Vijayawada Railway Station, Andhra Pradesh

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Vijayawada Railway station is a busiest railway station in south India’s Andhra Pradesh. Vijayawada station has 10 platforms and the seventh platform is biggest of all. All the tracks in the station are electrified and broad guage.

It has a superb architectural design from the front side which doesn’t look less than an ancient palace. Moreover colourful and  cultural paintings have given virtually makeover to Vijayawada Railway station. The art work, paintings on the wall have become major attraction of selfies.

The painting displays Andhra Pradesh’s cultural heritage from Sankranti celebrations to Kuchipudi dance poses.

5.Charbagh Railway Station, Lucknow

pic credit: wikipedia

Built with a budget of Rs.70 lakhs, the Lucknow Charbagh railway station was designed by J.H. Horniman. This was a Indian designer which was carried out by Chaubey Mukta Prasad a consulting engineer.

The combination of red and white structure with its domes and towers is a fascinating that attracts the tourist. The Lucknow railway station is one of the most beautiful railway stations in India to visit. It is also called Char Bagh as it is surrounded by four gardens. The park contributes to grow the beauty of Lucknow railway station.

It was the Charbagh railway station where Mahatma Gandhiji first met Pandit Jawarhlal Nehru and participated in the opening session of congress legislative Assembly. The Lucknow station architecture suggests a combination style of Mughals, Rajput and Awadhi.

6.Kanpur Central, Uttar Pradesh

pic credit: Wikipedia

Kanpur central is the largest station in Uttar Pradesh and one of the four main railway stations in India. Third busiest railway station after Howrah and New Delhi railway station.

It holds the record of largest interlocking route system in the world. The design of the campus was inspired by Charbagh railway station.

So next time when you are planning to travel by train and if come across this beautiful station do not forget to explore it.

7.Chennai Central Station – Chennai

pic credit: Wikipedia

Chennai Central is officially known as Puratchi Thalaivar Dr.M.G.Ramchandran Central Railway Station in Tamil Nadu, India. It is the busiest railway station in Tamil Nadu and one of the most important hubs in the country.

The Chennai Central railway station campus is designed by architect George Harding, the prominent landmark of city. While British Era, the station served as the gateway to South India.

A report published by Indian Railways in 2007 Chennai Central and Secunderabad were awarded with 183 points out of 300 for cleanliness. It was the highest rating in the country.

The station was renamed twice. It was renamed from Madras Central to Chennai Central to reflect the name change of the city and second time to honour the AIADMK founder M.G. Ramchandran, it was renamed to Puratchi Thalaivar on 5th April 2019.

The station is built in Gothic Revival Style with only a capacity to accommodate 12 coach trains. It further took 5 years to complete the work, when the station was modified under Robert Fellowes Chisholm including of Central Clock Tower, Travancore caps on the main tower.

The clock tower with the flagstaff, the tallest of the tower of the main building has four faces and reaches a height of 136 ft.

The Chennai Central has a platform area of 51,182 square meter and total area of station is 14,062 square kilometer.




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