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Mysore the City of Royal Palace, Silk, Craft. One of the best tourist places in Karnataka.


Designed by the Architect Henry Irwin, the Mysuru palace reflects the noble image of Mysore. Mysore palace is the historical palace located in the Indian states of Karnataka and is one of the best tourist places in south India.

Mysore is commonly known as “City of Palaces”. There are seven palaces including this one.

The Chronicle of Mysore

Mysore previously known as Mysuru. It is the second largest city of Karnataka according to United Nations as it reckons the city’s population by 1.62 million in 2018.

Till the independence Mysore was the capital city of Wadiyars and ruled by Wadiyar dynasty for nearly six centuries in the late 18th century when Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan were in power. The Wadiyars were contributors of arts and culture

Tipu and Hyder also contributed to the cultural and economic growth of the Mysore city and state by planting mulberry trees instigating silk in the region. They also had a brawl with British army for Anglo-Mysore war.

Mysore has a long way back history where the devil Mahishasura was butchered by Goddess Chamundi. At present you can find the statue of devil situated at a place call Chamundi Hill.

The genealogy of Mysore is still revered by the people of Mysuru and are sentimental for the splendour of early times. The yearly celebrations of Dussehra are holdovers of that period.

Dussehra of Mysore is celebrated with great solemnity for straight ten days and people come through around the world to be part of it and have a glimpse.

A ten-day festival starting with nine nights called Navaratri and the last day being Vijayadashami. This festival is being celebrated between month of September and October. Dussehra completed 409th anniversary in the year 2019.

Economy Of Mysore

Mysore is famously known as tourist capital as large number of tourist gather here around the world. One of the major revenue is generated by tourist industry here in Mysore. Mysore is also a home for weaving industry, Bronze work, arts and handicrafts made of sandalwood.

The production of Salt and Lime surged in the city which led to the demand of industrialization and helped to grow the economy.

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There are some eminent products of this city which is famed throughout the India.

  1. Mysore Painting
  2. Mysore Pak (sweet dish)
  3. Mysore Masala Dosa
  4. Mysore Sandal Soap
  5. Mysore Ink
  6. Mysore Peta (traditional silk turban)
  7. Mysore Silk Sari.

Mysore is also well-known for its noteworthy variety of Jasmine flower referred as Mysore Mallige and betel leaves.

Mysore city development grabbed the hands of current trends in the world and led to one of the busiest city after Bangalore.

After Tourism IT is also a major spread in Mysore. There are around 150 IT companies in Mysore which includes all domains like web development, web design, SEO, E-commerce companies, Ad agencies etc. The IT giants like Infosys and Wipro have major setup here.

Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (KIADB) has organized four industrial areas in Mysore.

  1. Belagola
  2. Belawadi
  3. Hebbal
  4. Hootagalli

Nanjangund industrial area have number of brand industries like AT&S India Pvt Ltd, Nestle India, Reid and Taylor, Jubliant, TVS, Asian Paints and JK tyres also has its manufacturing unit in Mysore.

Nanjangund industrial area is known as satellite tower of Mysore.

Tourist Spots in Mysuru

Mysuru city is one of the most visited destinations in Karnataka for tourist industry known for rich architectural history, Palaces and Beautiful gardens. Mysore is considered to be one of the best tourist places in India.

1.Mysore Palace

Mysuru palace is located in the heart of the city  is a highlight of architecture and reflects Hindu, Islamic, Rajput and Gothic style of architecture.

One of the distinctive feature of its painting is, it can be viewed from any direction. The carcade seems to be coming in one’s own direction.

The hall is superbly designed by the chandeliers and particoloured stain glass managed in peacock designs.

The solid three storied structure Palace was built between 1897-1912. The palace has marvellous designed square towers at pre-eminent points covered with domes.

The ornate ceiling and sculpted pillars of Darbar hall and the Kalyanmantapa (popular word in Karnataka known for Wedding halls) with its enamel tiles, stained glass and domed ceiling are breath-taking view.

The convoluted carved doors, the golden elephant seat, paintings as well as the fabulous jewel smeared on golden throne are among the palace treasures. 

Sound and Light Show

The palace remains light up during 10 days of the festival with around 100,000 light bulbs from 7pm to 10pm. At this time the Chinnada Simhasana or Ratna Simhasana which is the royal throne is smeared with bewitching designs on its gold plates and are displayed.

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  1. The light and sound show of Mysuru palace is 45 minutes duration depicting the 400-year history of Mysuru.
  2. Kannada: Monday to Wednesday time 7pm to 8pm and Saturday time 8:15pm to 9:15pm – Entrance ticket is Rs.70 and Kids Rs.30.
  3. English: Thursday to Saturday time 7pm to 8pm – Entrance ticket is Rs.90 and Kids Rs.40.
  4. No refund of tickets is issued if the show comes to halt due to rainy season or any other circumstances.
  5. At the end of Sound and Light show 15 minutes palace illumination is displayed.
  6. The sound and light shows are 6 days a week except Sunday’s and Government holidays.

2.Brindavan Gardens

Brindavan gardens, the famous garden in Mysuru and is one of the prominent gardens in India.

The garden has spread across an area of 60 acres. The charisma of the park is the musical fountain in which bursts of water are matched to the music of songs. The garden was refurbish in 2005 with budget of 50 million.

Brindavan Gardens is located 12 kms away from Mysore city in the Mandya district. The gardens attract nearly close to 2 million tourist per year and is one of the major attractions of Srirangapatna.

The garden was found by Sir Mirza Ismail, the Deewan of Mysore. He was inspired by Hyder Ali who had earlier built the Lalbagh Bangalore.

3.Chamundi Hills

Chamundi hills is one of the holy places in India. The temple is found at the top of the hill. Goddess Chamundeshwari is the main deity of the temple who assassinated the devil Mahishasura.

Chamundi hills are located at a distance of 13 kms of Mysuru city. The hill features an ancient stone stairway of 1,008 steps leading to its apogee.

The main facet over here is the statue of Mahishasura bearing a sword in his right hand and a cobra in the left hand. Inside the temples shrine stands a sculpted illustration of Chamundeshwari. The goddess is seated with her right heel pressed against the lowest of seven chakras.

The ancient Maharaja’s of Mysore, the idol of Chamundi goddess has been carried on a decorated elephant as a part of celebration in the Dussehra festival.

4.Mysore Silk Saree – Process, Production & Market

The rise of silk industry in Mysore udyog sarees was first started during the reign of Tipu Sultan nearly 1780-1790. Later the growth was downscaled by the imported silk and rayon competition in the city. In the second half of the 20th century, it replaced its position and Mysore state became the top silk producer in India.

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Mysore silk factory is located in the centre of the city which manages silk weaving and distribution of silk products. The Ramanagara district in Karnataka is the largest business hub for silk cocoons in Asia.

Silk cocoons are handpicked in this market from Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation Limited (KSIC) officials who are part of government bidding process and further sent to raw silk production factory in T.Narasipura.

Here in the Narasipura factory the silk cocoons are boiled to extract the threads and converted into thread rolls. These threads are use to produce various silk products and Mysore Silk saree is one of it most popular.

The saree zari contains 65% pure silver and 0.65% of gold, so it makes one of the expensive saree in India. Many frauds also have held by cheating public of duplicate saree of silk. The KSIC have taken steps to avoid the public cheating by implementing unique id, hologram based design and barcode weaven on silk saree

You can the silk saree from KSIC shops in the city.  Few more are

  1. Kauvery Silk Emporium in Hotel Sandesh complex, Nazarbad main road.
  2. Sri Chamundeshwari Silk & Handicrafts Emporium near Mahishasur Mandir.

5.Rail Museum

The rail museum is the second largest museum in India after Delhi. The museum consists of vintage locomotives and royal carriages which were used by royal families of Mysore.

This rail museum was inaugurated by Railway Authorities of India in 1979. The museums has gallery of photographs and paintings displayed that gives insight into the history of the city.

The museum is located opposite the Central Food Technology and Research Institute on Krishnaraja Sagar road.

Travelling to Mysuru

Mysuru has all means of transport communication. By Air, By Rail & By  Bus.

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