Technology February 18

Kerala Government to offer Free Internet for BPL Families.


The chief minister of Kerala Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan announced on Monday that over 20 lakh families will get benefited with free internet connection. The internet service will be free of cost by government to the people who come under the category of “Below Poverty Line”  

Why led Kerala Government to take this Dynamism Step?

The private internet service providers in Kerala have a very good internet connectivity across the cities, but the village storyline is not same. People there are in utmost need of internet as stated by Pinarayi Vijayan.

To viaduct the digital divide by offering high speed free internet to every household the state CM have launched the service called Kerala Fibre Optic Network (KFON) which will rejig the digital space.

The Kerala Fibre Optic Network will be comforted to 20 Lakh BPL families. The scheme covers 14 districts which includes villages. Moreover, the scheme will be also benefit Schools, Hospitals, Government offices. Earlier only 10% of government offices had high speed internet and now the new scheme KFON will benefit 30,000 government institution with high bandwidth.

Kerala Fibre Optic Network is a joint venture of Kerala State IT Infrastructure Limited and Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB).

As CM said the new KFON scheme will friction the infrastructure of K. State Electricity Board by establishing a core ring. A network operating center will be set up in Ernakulam.

A 35,000-kilometer-long fiber optic cable is being laid across 14 districts in the state. It will be one of the largest such network. The speed of the internet will be from 10 Mbps to 1Gbps.

Tip: Go to search bar of the google and type internet speed test and check your internet speed.

This scheme was announced by the state government in May 2020.

Kerala Development Secrets

Education has always had a lead role in determining Kerala’s performance in social development. In 1990 it was declared the first ever state in the Indian union to attain universal literacy.

Poverty, lack of nutrition, dearth of food, ecological worsening, incapability in child education and informal education of elder citizen, technologically benighted, rising debts, inefficiency in utilizing natural resources, human rights violation etc. were termed as the major reason for illiteracy.

Kerala has the highest literacy rate with 96.2% in the population among the Indian States. Kottayam one of the districts in Kerala tops the literacy charts with 97.2 percent followed by Pathanamthitta with 96.5 percent. Even the lowest literacy rate of Wayanad is 89 percent higher than the national average.

To look into various strands of quality education at different levels, the K. State Planning Board has comprise expert communities. Access this link below.

As the world knows, Kerala is God’s own country in terms of nature scenery. Lakhs of tourist visit here from every part of the world to enjoy the beautiful ethnic. Kerala is also famous for its 5 prolonged Ayurveda treatment known as Panchakarma. As a part of treatment medicated oil, herbs, milk and featured diet are used to cure all types of calibration.

Kerala is one of the best tourist places in India to visit.