Technology March 2

Virus! Virus!! Virus!!! All that we are hearing these days. Now Swine-flu.


A one after disease are infecting people. Not the minor one, a very dangerous virus like Corona which emerged from China and took life of 2k people and is affecting worldwide and in between a virus has remerged H1N1 Swine flu which is also a deadly virus which taken back a storm in India back in 2014-15 with a death troll to more than 2,000 people.

Major affected states with H1N1 were Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Now, a week back 2 cases of H1N1 were detected with 2 IT giant employee SAP in Bengaluru after which the company decided to shut down the operations in India and asked their employees to work from home till further notice, and now according to theQuint 6 judges of Supreme court have been tested positive for the H1N1.

The chief justice of India SA Bobde has held a meeting with Supreme court Bar association to discuss the preventive measures to stop the virus from spreading.

It is still unknown that which of the judges of the court came in contact with this swine flu and it kept on spreading from one person to other.

But at the same time we are glad to have the vaccine already available in the market and can get treated immediately.

To avoid getting in contact with this disease you need to wash your hand regularly with warm water and use hand sanitizer especially at work place.

Try as much as possible of wearing a mask while travelling. Use N95 respiratory mask instead of normal mask to avoid getting in contact with the disease as guided by doctors.

Do not panic. Take preventive measures to fight against it. Health is Wealth.