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February 27

Hyundai’s New Electric SUV Launched. Solar Roof SUV Car.

The Solar Roof Car The South Korean stylish car maker Hyundai has unveiled new car technology in market. Hyundai has launched new SUV car in the market with a solar rooftop. The concept car was seen at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor show. Hyundai is one of the popular car brands in India. Senior Vice President of Hyundai Motor Group Mr. Heui Won Yang said that Hyundai Motor is moving towards becoming a clean mobility by...
February 26

6 Most Magnificent Railway Stations of India. Live Travelling

India Railway Stations - A Bliss!! Our excitement in childhood while reaching the station and before departing the train is still fresh in our minds and still today while traveling by train the enthusiasm remains the same. In the north Jammu Kashmir at the top and Kanyakumari in the bottom of south, India is one of the most beautiful places in world. India is world’s seventh largest nation by area and second largest populated country...
February 25

Milk Producers: Milk Prices may Hike by Rs.12 per litre from March 1

Milk producers demand centre to approve the hike. In another major blow to the common man’s pocket, milk prices in India are likely to rise in some villages of Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh. As per the reports there will be a major hike directly by Rs.12 from March 1st 2021. India ranks first among the world’s milk producing nation since 1998 with 22% of global production, followed by the United States of America and China. The...

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